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Stonehurst Farm see a large increase in customers!

tom_and_zoe.jpgStonehurst Farm are getting great results from their new site. Here's what they had to say...

“I heard about ‘AD Doctor’ by word of mouth and can now thoroughly recommend them to anyone.  Ian Bannister is most helpful to work with and has a good eye for visuals and a fresh approach to wording.  He created an excellent and functional bespoke website for our business. 

The new site has had hundreds of fantastic comments from our customers and we have noticed a large increase in new customers finding us from the internet, and repeat customers who have seen something new or an offer online.  In the current climate we feel that the website created by AD Doctor is the most cost effective advert for our business”.

Tom Duffin, Stonehurst Farm

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Profile Motors goes live!


Profile Motors inclusive website is now live! Here's what they had to say...

"We already loved our previous site by AD Doctor but when we saw what was possible with the photography we just had to upgrade! Customer feedback has been brilliant! The website is crucial for us and we are always busy".

Carl Johnson-Biddles, Profile Motors

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Proper photography


Proper photography of YOUR business (not stock photos) gives instant authenticity and gains trust. If you are proud of your business our expert shots will help you to show it off.

Without saying anything, the picture, (left) shows you just what it 'feels' like at Stonehurst Farm.

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The seven second rule

7_seconds.jpgHave you ever clicked off a website straight away?

Probably, as first impressions are crucial. Experts claim that visitors usually make up their minds within around 7 seconds. With AD Doctor, your new website will make a superb first impression, helping your visitors to fly past that first important hurdle!

After that, the challenge is to retain interest and turn visits into enquiries. Few can argue with the power of pictures and that’s why our perfect combination of quality images and concise content gives you the best chance of success. Our service is pretty unique so have a look at our portfolio and if you like what you see get in touch for a friendly chat with no obligation.

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